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Inspiring Excellence

'Coppice Academy:

Est 1937'

School Council

Coppice Academy has an active School Council. Two children are selected by their peers to represent each class in school from Year 3 through to Year 6. These children are responsible for bringing views and suggestions to our School Council meetings.

With the support of Mr Smith, the children in School Council share the views of their class, carry out fundraising activities and become involved in making school decisions.

Elected Prime Minister: Peaches

Elected Deputy Prime Minister: Dylan

Minister for Behaviour and Attitudes: Julia

Minister for Sport:

Minister for the Arts :

Minister for Coppice Values:

The children who make up the School Council for 2023-2024 are:

3A: Salma and Freddie

3B: Andreas and Ella

4C: Imogen and Josh

4D: Sujan and Clara

5E: Eshan and Holly

5F: Izza and Taylan

5G: Azmina and Oscar

6H: Poppy T and Melissa

6I: Rueben and Patrick


“I wanted to be part of the School Council so that I can make the school an even better place. I want to inspire other schools to be like Coppice.”


“I thought it would be really nice to help people around the school.”


“I wanted to be part of School Council so that I can listen to children in my class and help make things better for them because I love Coppice!”