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Inspiring Excellence

'Coppice Academy:

Est 1937'

Our School

Coppice Academy is a school that successfully supports pupils; who thrive in a positive atmosphere that contributes much to their personal, social and emotional development and enables them to reach well above average standards. The school provides its pupils with a well-balanced curriculum by creating a happy, healthy, caring and stimulating environment where everyone feels valued and enables them to achieve success. The work undertaken across the curriculum has enabled the school to achieve a number of awards e.g. Enhanced Healthy School accreditation, Green Flag Eco school, Foundation level International School Award and Bronze Food for Life Partnership. It is a popular school with few vacancies throughout the four years. The school has a good attendance record and unauthorised absence is very low. The Board of Governors, staff and Parent Staff Association work together as a strong team to move the school forward. The school achieved the highest grade in its audit for SFVS. We are proud of our inclusive practice and the way in which we support those with special educational needs and disabilities.

We are proud of our history of excellence and high standards. This is demonstrated through the fact that 3 of our teachers are actually ex-pupils themselves and many of our staff send their own children to our school. Our ‘one big family’ ethos shines through in all that we do.  The school is committed to continual improvement and fully addresses any issues or advice raised during the last inspection. There is a rigorous system to ensure that leaders at all levels are involved in moving the school forward.

The school has developed the grounds in order to provide all pupils with opportunities for outdoor learning. The range of activities planned during these sessions extends pupils’ personal experience, whilst developing their social skills and teamwork. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in growing food in the school’s allotment during outdoor learning sessions. Produce from the allotment is used in the school’s kitchen or sold to parents and pupils. The school has invested heavily in creating an external environment that is appealing to pupils, whilst providing flexibility in teaching opportunities. This has been achieved through fundraising in conjunction with a very active PSA (Parent Staff Association) and through specific grants from other organisations.